What Designs Excite You? Three Products We Like by Daily Grommet’s Kate Reynolds McLeod

At Daily Grommet, our goal is to find amazing products with great utility and design. In fact, we share a fresh discovery with our customers every day, and we tell the story of the product and the people behind each company with a short video. If you’ve walked the aisles at NYIGF and talked with designers, creators and inventors, then you know how a product truly comes to life when you learn the story of its invention, so we pass along those stories and show the products in use in each of our features.

Three recent finds from Daily Grommet really exemplify design, utility and invention for me. And perhaps even more importantly, the people who created each product are fabulous and inspirational, too.

Sugru Hack Things Better

Sugru Hacking Putty — Sugru is a new air-curing rubber good for anything that needs fixing, modifying, customizing or cushioning. Jane calls it hacking — fixing or improving your stuff. Instead of throwing away a blender with a broken switch, you can make a new switch out of Sugru. Disintegrating grip on your golf club? Hole in your sneakers? Missing piece on your keyboard? Patch them with Sugru. The possibilities are endless. http://www.dailygrommet.com/products/sugru-hack-things-better

Monica Burke Cotton Paper Lamps

Monica Burke Table Lamps — It’s amazing how Monica can transform paper and electrical components. She deftly combines vintage images with a modern cylindrical silhouette to create paper lamps that are at home in any décor. It’s not easy to blend vintage and modern elements, but she strikes the perfect, timeless balance. http://www.dailygrommet.com/products/monica-burke-cotton-paper-lamps

Adirondack Firestone Company Firelighter

Adirondack Firestone Firestarter — Todd, Chad and Rob founded Adirondack Firestone Company to celebrate the charm and spirit of the mountainous Adirondack region in New York. They’ve also made it a priority to work with U.S. suppliers. The ceramic vessel is handcrafted in the pottery corridor between Columbus, Ohio, and Wheeling, West Virginia, the lamp oil comes from Texas, and the steel rods are made in Greene, N.Y., using machinery that dates back to the early 20th century. http://www.dailygrommet.com/products/adirondack-firestone-company-firelighter

ABOUT: Kate Reynolds McLeod is a member of the Discovery team at Daily Grommet (www.dailygrommet.com), an online marketplace where customers discover and buy inventive new products and learn their true stories. Whether it’s a love of innovative design, social and green enterprises, hand crafted goods, a quest for unique gifts or a desire to support new technologies, Daily Grommet has an inspiring set of stories and products to fill that need. Daily Grommet is a participant in the Accent on Design Bloggers’ Choice Awards.

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